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Three Types of Thinning Shears Every Stylist Should Consider Adding to Their Styling Arsenal

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If you are just starting your hair-styling career and are at the portion of your training where you will be learning how to use hair-thinning shears, it is important to make sure that you have the right shears for the specific job you will be doing. Many people who do not style hair for a living do not know that there are many different types of thinning shears on the market. The guide below walks you through the main types of thinning shears you will need in order to style hair efficiently when you get out of beauty school.

Thinning Shears for Chunking Hair

When someone has thick, coarse, or curly hair, some of their hair may need to be thinned out to make the rest of their hair more manageable. Thinning shears for chunking hair take out large portions of hair at one time to make the hair less thick. When using chunking shears, it is important to consider how much hair you want to move with each snip. Chunking shears with more teeth will remove more hair at one time, whereas chunking shears with fewer teeth will remove less hair with each snip.  

Thinning Shears for Texturizing Hair

When someone wants to have their hair layered, a seamless look between the different layers can often be created with texturizing thinning shears. The shears often have numerous teeth but are designed to remove numerous pieces of hair at one time without removing them in a chunky pattern. The teeth are strategically spaced so that not every piece of hair between the blades will be cut with each snip.

Thinning Shears for Finishing a Look

Finishing shears are the shears that every stylist needs to have in her arsenal. They do not remove as much hair as the chunking or texturizing shears, but they will allow you to remove small amounts of hair that need to be removed to finish the look you are trying to accomplish. They are ideal for use on bangs and short hair styles.

When you have thinning shears, you need to maintain them properly. Be sure to clean them daily and use oil on them on a regular basis to ensure that they are easy to open and shut as needed. The better the quality of the shears you have, the easier it will be to style someone's hair when they come to see you.